WFM Buddy allows our agents to submit their preferences at any time at any time and even while at the coffee machine.
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Buddy pilot at a bank

Business case

  • Agents love using Buddy. WFM features are available on their smartphones and can be used whenever they like.
  • Trading shifts at any time and place, without impact to schedule coverage, keeping planners in control.
  • Instant updates to planners when agents report late/sick/better.

Use case

Based on the positive outcome of the Buddy-pilot, this customer created their business case and justification for investment. We are in contracting stage with this customer.

Objective for this customer was to:

  • Provide innovative (mobile) solutions to their employees
  • Enable agents to also access Genesys WFM features when not at their desks
  • Technical validation for Buddy to run on Azure leveraging Active Directory

WFM Buddy providesPilot deployment: as part of the decision-making process and justification for the investment, this customer chose to run a pilot deployment of WFM Buddy.

Instead of having to connect to the actual Genesys WFM solution within this customer (requiring IT resources, time, money, etc.), we’ve replicated the WFM config to a cloud demo platform for WFM Buddy.

A selected group of users could use Buddy on their smartphones, as if they were using their company’s own Genesys WFM features.

Outcome of the Buddy pilot was very positive, both from the business as well as IT perspective.
the agents with a smartphone app that allows them to use all Genesys WFM feature anytime and anywhere. Traffic and planners can send broadcast messages ad-hoc and to a selected group of agents. For example, to verify which agent is willing to work some overtime when required. These messages can be notified both in the Buddy app as well as the Genesys Workspace desktop.