Empower your workforce
& boost WFM automation

Agent benefits

  • Access to info anywhere, anytime
  • Trading shifts just takes a swipe
  • Easily manage working preferences

Planner benefits

  • Save time in handling schedule changes
  • Instantly notify teams or agents
  • Better insight in schedule adherence

Always up-to-date

Check your schedule at a glance & never miss important notifications

Designed to make life easy

Providing the best user experience, while consistent to Genesys, avoids the need for training and makes your life easy.

Working preferences made easy

Easily request time-off,  submit bidding & shift preferences.

Sick or running late?

Report instantly,  allowing planners to immediately control impact on coverage.

Trading with a swipe

Trade with individual colleagues, or post to the community.

Your Buddy!

Easily apply your company branding & (de)activate features to match your specific needs.

When agents are sick or late, we can immediately see the impact and take action.

- Traffic team

WFM Buddy allows our agents to enter their preferences outside of productive hours.

- Planner

WFM Buddy is so easy to use.
I love it!!

- Contact center agent

Managing sickness more efficiently already justifies our investment in WFM Buddy.

- Insurance company, 3000+ agents

Meet Buddy Cockpit

The business user tool to message employees and adapt Buddy to the needs of your teams

What's going on?!

  • Set automated notifications, or send ad-hoc messages to the Buddy app or the Agent's desktop
  • Have a datailed single view on schedule adherence, in real-time and historical!

Configure Buddy

  • Apply your company branding
  • Role based (de)activation of Buddy features
  • Apply settings to any level within your organization

Built to adapt to your company needs

Agents can set any language



any language...

Adjustable to your Company’s needs

  • supports your local language(s)
  • allows company branding
  • company specific features can easily be adopted and added

Technologies supported

100% Genesys

Genesys Cloud
Genesys Engage
(cloud & on-premise)

100% Adaptable

Feature (de)activation
Company branding
Unlimited scalability

Customers using WFM Buddy

100% referenceable