The WFM App for Agents

Empower your workforce
& boost WFM automation

Agent benefits

  • Access to info anywhere, anytime
  • Easily manage your work preferences
  • Trading shifts just takes a swipe

Planner benefits

  • Save time in handling sickness and late arrivals
  • Immediately re-optimize coverage
  • Instantly notify teams or agents

WFM Buddy - an easy business case

Why our customers invest in WFM Buddy:

Happy agents =
Happy customers

100% up-to-date schedules

80% reduction in manual changes

Always in touch with your teams

Check out the WFM Buddy app in this 1:42 minute video

Designed to make life easy

WFM Buddy simplifies the use of Genesys WFM features


Check your schedule at a glance & never miss important notifications. It's all at your fingertips!

Manage your work preferences

Easily request time-off, submit work preferences or accept overtime. What does your perfect work-life balance look like?

Trading with a swipe

Trade with individual colleagues, or post to the community. A simple swipe is all it takes!

Sick or late?

Report instantly. Automatically, your manager and planning team are notified and schedules updated.

The planning team has immediate insight in the impact on coverage, so they can take action if needed.

Any language

Using an app is easiest in your local language, right?  

WFM Buddy supports any language, so simply choose your preferred one in the app!

Feature (de)activation

Different departments use WFM in different ways. Fact.

That's why WFM Buddy features can easily be adapted to different needs. Everyone happy!

Your company branding

WFM Buddy is yours first and foremost, so feel free to adopt your company colors and branding!

WFM Buddy is so easy to use. I love it!!
- contact center agent
It’s just great to have access to my schedule, change requests and time-off on my smartphone.
- contact center agent
Our agents can submit their work preferences at any time, also when they are not at their desks.
- planner, banking company

Our WFM Buddy customers:

and their agents

Supported Genesys CX platforms:

  • Genesys Cloud CX WEM
  • Genesys Multicloud CX WFM (Azure, AWS)
  • Genesys Engage WFM (on-premise or hosted)