Buddy Cockpit helped us to improve schedule adherence
by 10%
- real-time analyst,
telecommunications company, 1500 agents

Buddy Cockpit - Adherence @ telecommunications company

Business case

  • Buddy Cockpit provides a single view on the agents’ real-time and historical adherence to their schedules.
  • Adherence details are shown visually, providing the planning team with a better insight and overview

Use case

This customer is running a Genesys Engage contact center the size of over 1500 agents (140 team leaders) including various departments in a single country.

Objective for this customer was to:

  • Improve the adherence of agents to their schedules
  • Take a phased approach to introducing WFM Buddy, starting off with Cockpit/Adherence

Being five or ten minutes late in a contact center is a much bigger deal than in other industries. Our customer – as a result of that - was failing to hit their service level targets during certain periods, causing answer times to spike.

Genesys WFM provides real-time adherence as well as ad-hoc adherence reporting. Unfortunately, Genesys real-time adherence does not provide summary totals and historical adherence provides too much detail. As a result, the customer found they had no good insight to properly manage schedule adherence.

Prior to running Genesys WFM, our customer used Verint WFM. They liked the fact that Buddy Cockpit approaches schedule adherence quite similar to the way Verint does.

Buddy Cockpit/Adherence provides the planning team and real time analysts with a single view on the agents’ real-time and historical adherence to their schedules. They can easily see which agents are best and worst performing and gain deeper insight with a few mouse-clicks.

Agents are notified automatically when not adhering to their schedules. Or made aware by the planning team.