Boost Employee Experience and
super-charge Genesys WFM

Empower your agents to find the best work-life balance, while saving your planners' and managers' valuable time.

Some of the goals we help achieve:

Better manage
remote teams

Struggling to manage
your virtual agent pool?

WFM Buddy provides instant access to WFM features, and allows planners and managers to stay in touch with (remote) teams.

Better schedule adherence

Struggling to get your agents to
stick to their schedules?

WFM Buddy automatically notifies agents when adherence is off, and provides planners real-time analysts with better insights.

Better schedules that meet agent preferences

Struggling to match coverage with
agent work preferences?

WFM Buddy handles agent preferences more flexibly, and makes schedule changes super-easy, even at the very last minute.

Better use of planners' and managers' time

Struggling with manual changes
wasting your time?

WFM Buddy automates most intra-day changes, saving your planners' valuable time and keeping schedules and coverage up-to-date.

WFM Buddy Customers

Explore our customer cases

WFM Buddy customers:

Explore our customer cases
WFM Buddy is so easy to use. I love it!!
- contact center agent
When agents are sick or late, we can immediately see the impact and take action.
real-time analyst, insurance company
Buddy Cockpit helped us
to improve schedule adherence by 10%.
real-time analyst, telecommunications company

What makes WFM Buddy unique?

All WFM features

WFM Buddy supports all Genesys WFM features, including trading, overtime handling and work preferences.

100% adaptable

WFM Buddy features can easily be adapted to the different needs of your various departments. Everyone happy!

Any language

WFM Buddy supports any language. Your agents can select their preferred one on their smartphone.

No user admin

WFM Buddy leverages your Genesys (user) administration, keeping things simple and
100% secure.

Official Genesys technology partner

Supported Genesys CX platforms:

  • Genesys Cloud CX WEM
  • Genesys Multicloud CX WFM (Azure, AWS)
  • Genesys Engage WFM (on-premise or hosted)