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Delighting your Workforce

Empower your agents to use Genesys Workforce Management (WFM) on their smartphones

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When agents are sick or late, we can immediately see the impact and take action.

- Traffic team

WFM Buddy allows our agents to enter their preferences outside of productive hours.

- Planner

WFM Buddy is so easy to use.
I love it!!

- Contact center agent

Managing sickness more efficiently already justifies our investment in WFM Buddy.

- Insurance company, 3000+ agents


WFM Buddy allows your workforce to independently access their schedule, provide preferences and handle shift-trading

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... made Easy

WFM Buddy makes it easy for your workforce  to use WFM features on their smartphone, anywhere and at any time

A strong positive business case

for WFM Buddy


agent adoption rate


reduction in time to manage intra-day changes


Reduce employee turnover (churn)

Increase employee empowerment

Increase value from Genesys WFM

Reduce scheduling time for planners and supervisors

source: Forrester research

Our WFM Buddy Customers

and their agents

WFM features made Easy

WFM Buddy simplifies the agents’ use of WFM features, encouraging a do-it-yourself mentality towards schedule updates.

Happy Employees = Happy Customers

This simple statement is never more true than when speaking about your contact center workforce.
WFM Buddy will delight them!

Adjustable to your Company’s needs

  • supports your local language(s)
  • allows company branding
  • company specific features can easily be adopted and added

Quality matters

  • NO sperate user- or application-  administration (leverage Genesys)
  • (de)activate functions based on user-roles
  • 100% data security, in line with your company standards
  • Cloud and On-Premise
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