Managing sickness more efficiently already justifies our investment in WFM Buddy
- Manager

Large insurance company

Business case

  • Agents love using Buddy. WFM features are available on their smartphones and can be used whenever they like.
  • 80% time reduction for planners to manage intra-day changes
  • Zero (!!) delay for planners reacting to bad coverage when agents report late/sick/better.

Use case

This customer is running a Genesys Engage contact center the size of 3000+ agent seats, including multiple separate Business Units and including multiple locations in a single country.

Objective for this customer was to:

  • Empower agents to provide their working preferences and trading of shifts
  • Improve the process of reporting sickness.
  • As Genesys WFM Agent Web cannot be used on a smartphone, or cannot be used outside of the customer’s domain, agents were forced to enter preferences when at their desk (problem: negatively impacting agent utilization)

Also the process for agents to report sick/recovery was time-consuming for both supervisors and planners: apart from the time it takes for to administer sickness/recovery, the lead time between agents reporting sick and the planner notifying the impact to coverage was taking too long (problem: acting too late on intra-day changes)

WFM Buddy provides the agents with a smartphone app that allows them to verify their schedules anytime and anywhere. Agents can – for example - submit their working preferences, time-off requests and can easily trade shifts with their colleagues. When sick or recovered, agents can update their status via WFM Buddy, which will automatically be updated in Genesys WFM and be notified to supervisors and planners.

Customer cases